Tips for Hiring the Right Chimney Sweep

chimney-sweeper-cleaner-workerWith so many companies out there, picking the right one for your chimney needs can sometimes be challenging. Probably, you have heard some news stories about con artists who try to defraud homeowners a lot of money for non-existent or shoddy work. Because many unsuspecting clients aren’t educated about heating appliances, stoves, fireplaces and their venting systems or chimneys, such crooks usually victimize them. It’s therefore important to consider specific things when looking for the right chimney sweep for your chimney sweeping or repair needs. Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Insurance

Before choosing any company, ask if they have full coverage insurance against all damages that may occur while cleaning or repairing your chimney. Make sure they’re fully insured and try to find out what their insurance policy covers. If the contractor you hire doesn’t have the right coverage and damages your property or gets injured the liability will definitely be yours. A good company that offers chimney repair or cleaning services should carry full insurance to protect you and your property.

2. Certification

There are many benefits that come from only hiring a certificated chimney sweep. This is actually the most crucial qualification you should look for when hiring one. In America, for instance, the CSIA is the standard for training throughout the country, particularly when it comes to the maintenance, repair and care of all stove, furnace and fireplace systems as well as chimneys and vetting systems. Before hiring anyone, ask for proof of such certification for the company’s technicians.

3. Proper Identification

Before hiring anyone to work on your home, it’s important to ask for his or her identification. Most reliable companies that offer chimney sweeping services provide identification (ID) badges for every employee, and they’ll often arrive in a marked vehicle and uniform that identifies that particular company. This means you should avoid any strangers that come at your place soliciting you to offer chimney repairs, cleaning or inspections.

4. Ask For Current References

The right chimney sweep company should also be able to provide phone numbers and names of their clients. Don’t hesitate to make a quick phone call to determine if their references were happy or not. If a company gives you excuses when you ask them for their current references, keep on shopping.

Lastly, professional chimney service companies like offer various chimney sweeping services. National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), for instance, is actually one of the organizations dedicated to promoting ongoing education and professionalism to keep all sweeps in the America up with the latest equipment and technologies. it’s necessary to look for a contractor that belongs to the right organization.