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Why require onsite security patrol services?

Construction sites are often the target of criminal and antisocial activities, something that many people fail to realize. Among the dust, debris and ruble, there could possibly lie equipments, tools and other construction materials worth thousands. The copper wires may alone cost significantly and indeed worth a good amount. The professional thief, the casual vagrant or the drug addict is likely to find a fortune here, if the place is left unguarded and vulnerable. It is for all these reasons, there is a genuine need to hire the best security patrol services available in the region.

Choosing the best security patrol services

There are several security guard services who offer construction site patrolling services.  They may advertise aggressively and claim to offer the very best services. However, the truth is that not all of them are reliable or as good as they state themselves to be. Hence, you are to be double careful when it comes to protecting your site. If the site is not adequately secured, then there can be breach and theft and burglary which will leave you helpless. Theft, vandalism and defacement are quite common and may cost you a good amount of time and money. To stay protected, you should defend yourselves and your property by hiring the reputed and talented security guard services.

Outsourcing security needs

Having your security needs outsourced to the professional security patrol services will not only prove to be cost effective, but also is considered to be good management. Having the site secured can help you to get good insurance rates, as the claims risk goes down. This is an absolute must for all small construction businesses.

Eliminate the risk factor

You may have spent a good amount of time, money and effort to develop your business. Then there is no point in risking your property, asset and future business just because you failed to secure your property. Although the professionals may charge some money for providing security patrol services, but the kind of satisfaction and security that they will provide you is beyond measure. You need to rely upon the industry experts to safeguard your site and materials lying within. It is indeed much affordable to outsource security guard professionals when compared to setting up the in-house security system. If you own a large area or have multiple sites to take care of, then thefts and vandalism is likely to cause delays which can prove to be time consuming and costly. All this can be avoided by hiring the reputed security guard services

Practical and Easy DIY Roof Repair Tips

When you are in your house, the only place that you would want to have water falling on your head is in the shower. But when you have water seeping through your roof and causing major damage, it can be a major headache. While some types of roof damage may be solved by dedicated DIYers, others require the expertise of professional roofers. For instance, if you have extensive roof damage that is characterized by multiple leaks and your own roofing repairs are not holding, or the repairs are generally beyond your realm, then it is time to call in the cavalry. However, in most cases, simple roof damage can be addressed by a committed DIYer over the course of a weekend. Below we take a look at 5 easy roofing repair tips as follows:

1. Identify the source of leaks

This is often easier said than done. The first sign that your roof is leaking is usually water stains found on the ceiling. Therefore, work from the ground with binoculars or use a ladder to see if there are any missing, cracked, or curled shingles. Also, be aware that leaks can be found where flashing and caulking have been damaged, at points where shingles butt, or through tent-shaped shingles and end caps. Lastly, do not forget to check for wear around chimney vents and pipes and for any loose materials around the chimney.

2. Flatten any curled shingles

You can secure and flatten any curled shingles by using adhesive compounds in a caulk gun, or applying asphalt roofing cement using a brush. Hold down the shingles’ edges and corners as you carry out the roofing repairs to ensure that they do not lift up again.

3. Replace missing, rotten, and damaged shingles

To remove damaged shingles, raise up the edges of surrounding ones and remove nails using a pry bar or hammer. The selected shingle should then slide out. Thereafter, align and slide in the new shingle(s) with those on either side and fasten it using galvanized roofing nails (ensure that you hammer one nail in each corner of the shingle(s).

4. Reseal dormers and chimneys

Using roofing cement and a caulking gun, you can prevent the leaks that sometimes occur around dormers and chimneys by resealing the metal flashing joints.

5. Get rid of the old roof

If you decide to call in professional roofers to remove your entire roof, then you can begin facilitating the process by getting rid of the old shingles yourself. There are instances when contractors may be inclined to leave an old roof in place and construct a new one on top of it. However, with the roof cleared, you and your contractor can inspect not only the decking, but other areas for structural damage as well; saving you a lot of grief and money down the road.