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Why You Should Hire Roofing Contractors To Repair Your Roof

The roof is the most important structure of any building. It protects the building structure from harsh weather conditions, such as rains and high winds. A roof that is properly installed may last for years without any form of damage. At times, extreme weather conditions may damage and weaken some parts of the roof. At this point, immediate roof repair needs to be performed. If left unattended to, it might fall off and cause accidents.

Doing the repair by yourself is tempting. There are dangers associated with this kind of task especially if you have no knowledge about roof repair. Hiring a professional contractor to do this job would be the better option. Professionals have the skills and expertise needed to perform this kind of work.

Benefits of hiring a roof repair expert

Experience and know-how
Hiring professionals to do your roof work delivers amazing results. These people spend most of their time working with fellow contractors, hence perfecting their skills. These guys are licensed and know what needs to be done. They will first inspect the part that needs to be repaired and estimate the exact amount. They use high-quality materials in their work and make your fixed roof look new. Fixing the roof by yourself may cause more damage to it, therefore, increasing the cost of repair. Hire a contractor to avoid extra cost.

Additional services
While inspecting your roof, other things that are related to the roof such as broken gutters and timber sagging are put into consideration. These guys prioritize your safety, and therefore they inspect the entire roof for unnoticed damages. An extra fee is not charged for the additional repair.

Falling off while repairing inclined roofs is one of the commonly reported incidences. Bear in mind that some roofs are at an inclined angle while others are flat. Roofing contractors have the necessary safety equipment required to do the job. These tools enable them to do their work and remain safe too. They are ready for challenges that they might face while on the roof. Do not undertake their task, leave the work to professionals and stay safe.

Cost is efficient
Repairing the roof by yourself will need you to buy equipment and the materials that will be used for repair. Obtaining quality materials by yourself is difficult. Professionals know where to get the right materials. Hiring them will save you money. You won’t need to buy equipment as the contractors already have them. Your money will be spent only on materials and the labor fee.

Tips for Hiring the Right Chimney Sweep

chimney-sweeper-cleaner-workerWith so many companies out there, picking the right one for your chimney needs can sometimes be challenging. Probably, you have heard some news stories about con artists who try to defraud homeowners a lot of money for non-existent or shoddy work. Because many unsuspecting clients aren’t educated about heating appliances, stoves, fireplaces and their venting systems or chimneys, such crooks usually victimize them. It’s therefore important to consider specific things when looking for the right chimney sweep for your chimney sweeping or repair needs. Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Insurance

Before choosing any company, ask if they have full coverage insurance against all damages that may occur while cleaning or repairing your chimney. Make sure they’re fully insured and try to find out what their insurance policy covers. If the contractor you hire doesn’t have the right coverage and damages your property or gets injured the liability will definitely be yours. A good company that offers chimney repair or cleaning services should carry full insurance to protect you and your property.

2. Certification

There are many benefits that come from only hiring a certificated chimney sweep. This is actually the most crucial qualification you should look for when hiring one. In America, for instance, the CSIA is the standard for training throughout the country, particularly when it comes to the maintenance, repair and care of all stove, furnace and fireplace systems as well as chimneys and vetting systems. Before hiring anyone, ask for proof of such certification for the company’s technicians.

3. Proper Identification

Before hiring anyone to work on your home, it’s important to ask for his or her identification. Most reliable companies that offer chimney sweeping services provide identification (ID) badges for every employee, and they’ll often arrive in a marked vehicle and uniform that identifies that particular company. This means you should avoid any strangers that come at your place soliciting you to offer chimney repairs, cleaning or inspections.

4. Ask For Current References

The right chimney sweep company should also be able to provide phone numbers and names of their clients. Don’t hesitate to make a quick phone call to determine if their references were happy or not. If a company gives you excuses when you ask them for their current references, keep on shopping.

Lastly, professional chimney service companies like offer various chimney sweeping services. National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), for instance, is actually one of the organizations dedicated to promoting ongoing education and professionalism to keep all sweeps in the America up with the latest equipment and technologies. it’s necessary to look for a contractor that belongs to the right organization.

How To Properly Clean Your Chimney

Did you know that most of the home fires start in uncleaned chimneys? By omitting chimney cleaning, or by doing it inappropriately, you expose yourself to many risks. So you should clean your chimney at least once a year, as advised by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Cleaning your chimney once per annum eliminates the risk of accumulating creosote, a highly flammable substance which causes the majority of chimney fires.  Every homeowner needs to know the proper method of chimney cleaning.

So how to clean your chimney properly?

Before you start cleaning your chimney, you need to undergo certain preparations. First of all, a chimney must be cleaned if the creosote accumulated is at least 3mm thick. You’ll, of course, need proper cleaning supplies. To get the right supplies, you need to measure your flue. Primary chimney cleaning supplies include a brush with a long extension handle; a tall ladder; a broom and a dust mask or bandana. Don’t forget to wear work clothes so you don’t get your regular clothes dirty!

If you’ve done all of the preparations, it is time to start cleaning your chimney.

There are a few methods to chimney cleaning. We’ll first discuss the most common method.

The Top-Down Option. This process requires you to climb the roof. Pack all of your cleaning supplies in a bag and use the ladder to climb to the top. Now it’s time to start cleaning. Attach the brush to the handle and start brushing the chimney from the inside using up and down motions. If you can’t reach deeper, detach the short handle and attach the longer one to reach deeper. Proceed until the whole flue is scraped and clean,  after that pack up your supplies and climb down the ladder. Check the fireplace to see if you have omitted some residue and, if so, use a small brush to scrape it into a dustpan.

The second method of chimney cleaning is the Bottom Up Method. Although very similar to the previous method, this method is done from inside the house. You use the same process we used when we discussed the Top Down Method, just instead of starting from the bottom of the chimney. You start from your fireplace and move from bottom up. The scraping method is the same as in the previous method.

After you finish with scraping, you should clean the flue entrance and the fireplace from soot and creosote and make sure to dispose of it in a sealed container as creosote is highly flammable and harmful to the lungs.

And there you go! You have learned two proper methods of chimney cleaning: Top Down and Bottom Up Method. Both of these methods are useful, choosing which one to use depends on your preferences.